Med24 FAQs  
Sr. No.  A. General - FAQs Answers   
1 What services does Med24Healthcare offer? Prescribed & OTC Products as well as diet & Fitness Supplements, Baby & Mother Care Products, Herbal Products & Surgical Supplies.  
2 Do I need a valid prescription to buy medicine? Yes, Prescribed from RMP ( Registered Medical Practioner )  
3 What are the acceptable payment modes? COD ( if Applicable), Credit Card, Debit Card, Third Party Wallet, Med24 Wallet   
4 Will Med24Healthcare deliver medicine 24*7? Yes, Services are open for 24*7 deliver need to be replace with place order 
5 How do I know medicine delivered is genuine or authentic? The customer will receive the Valid invoice with mentioned batch no. & brand details.  you can also check with barcodes on any serch engine regardimng authenticity 
6 Is it good to buy another medicine listed as a substitute? It’s advised only after the written confirmation/Salt Name mentioned by RMP ( Registered Medical Practioner )  
7 How do I change my address with Med24Healthcare? Visit the Website & Click on the Add multiple addresses for delivery.  websites and applications one can change addresses 
8 Whom do I contact for any queries about my order? Our customer service desk is available 24*7 for customer help. or message/ mail /whatsapp the queries on comanys registered imail id and customer care healpline number.
9 Can I save multiple addresses in my account? Yes, in the address section options are available.   
10 How do I reset my password on Med24Healthcare App? Click on Forgot Password, An OTP/Link will shared on registered contact no. or email id to reset the password.  
11 If I have received an expired medicine, how do I return it? Adhere to return & refund policy mentioned over the website.   
12 Do you sell refrigerated products? Yes, as per storage guidelines the products are stored & delivered.   
13 How can I refer my friends and family to Med24Healthcare? Click on the Refer a friend link.   
14 How to get in touch with Med24Healthcare generally? Visit the Website / App.   
  B. FAQs - Medicine Order, Delivery & Payment    
1 How do I order medicines from Med24Healthcare? Visit the website/app; Select the products; Add to cart, Update quantity, choose payment mode, add the delivery address & the customer will receive the notification for order placed.   
2 How is my order processed? Once the prescription is being uploaded, it will be checked & verified by registered pharmacist, only after the validation of prescription order will be forward to packaging & Shipping team.   
3 Can I order the same medicine for two different people? We need individual prescription for both people.  
4 Can I add more addresses for two different orders for different locations? One order will be delivered to one location only. Simultaneously the other order can be delivered to other address. Address change option will be available only till ready to dispatch.   
5 Do I have to register on Med24Healthcare to order medicine? Yes, process is mentioned over the website/app.  
6 How to track the order? After the order confirmation; a link will be shared at registered email id & contact no. for tracking of order with real time locations.   
7 Can I order medicines without a prescription? No. Only OTC Products as well as diet & Fitness Supplements, Baby & Mother Care Products, Herbal Products & Surgical Supplies will be ordered without prescription (T & C applied).  
8 Whom do I contact for any queries about my order? You can contact the customer support via mobile, Chatbox, whatsapp chat & emails.   
9 How will the delivery happen? After dispatch of order, the executive will contact you for address confirmation & delivery will happen.   
10 If there is a delay in delivery, will someone inform me? Yes, you will be contacted by customer care team with proper information.   
11 Do you do same day delivery? Yes, we deliver the order within 6 hours of order confirmation.   
12 Is there a delivery charge on the medicine you purchase? The order below the minimum order value & express delivery will have delivery charges; the order exceeding such minimum order value will be delivered free of cost.   
13 What are the acceptable payment modes? COD ( if Applicable), Credit Card, Debit Card, Third Party Wallet, Med24 Wallet.   
14 Are there charges/taxes in addition to the prices shown? Only GST applicable.   
15 Is it safe to buy medicines using the Med24Healthcare Wallet? Yes, It’s an appropriate mode of buying the medicines.   




Med24 FAQs
Sr. No.  MAIN HEAD Questions  Answers 
1 Medicine orders     
  1 When will I receive my order? Your order will be delivered within the 'Estimated Delivery Date' as committed at the time of order placement.due to current Covid-19 crisis, the delivery date may not be as per usual timelines. But rest assured, we are working round the clock to deliver your order as soon as possible. 
  2 I have received damaged items We are sorry you had to experience this. Will check in our rexspective warehouse or with our preferred vendors,if anything found inappropiate, damaged medicne will be return and amount will be refund in MED24 healthcare wallet. We will try to resolve this on priority.
  3 Items are different from what I ordered We are sorry you have had to experience this. To initiate a return of the wrong item, please login to the App/website or can call customer care helpline to return medicine.We will try to resolve your concern on priority.
  4 Items are missing from my order We are sorry you had to experience this. Our vendor need required checks to avoid exactly such an event. We request you to reach out to us within 48 hours of your order delivery so that we can investigate the matter.
  5 How do I cancel my order? You can cancel your order from med24 application before it is out for delivery. else, you can refuse it at the time of delivery and a refund will be processed into the payment source, if the order amount was paid online.
  6 How do I get an invoice for my order? To get the invoice for your order you can call med24 healthcare customer helpline number if you want soft copy will mail on your registered e-mail id with us in a PDF format or you will get it at the time of delivery.
  7 What is the shelf life of medicines being provided? We ensure that the shelf life of the medicines being supplied by our partner retailers is, at least, a minimum of 3 months from the date of delivery.

  8 I want to modify my order Sorry, once your order is confirmed, it cannot be modified. Please place a fresh order with any modifications.
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2 Delivery    
  1 Order status showing 'delivered' but I have not received my order We are sorry you had to experience this. We request you to reach out to us within 48 hours of the order delivery being reported so that we can investigate the matter. Call/contact med24 healthcare customer helpline number  to reach out to us immediately.
  2 Which cities do you operate in? We provide healthcare services in GURUGRAM (HARYANA).
  3 How can I get my order delivered faster? Sorry, we currently do not have a feature available to expedite the order delivery. However, if we offer this feature in the future you will receive a communication from our end.
  4 Can I modify my address after Order placement? Sorry, once the order is placed, we are unable to modify the address.
3 Doctor Consultation    
  1 Why was a doctor consultation arranged for my order? Most of the medicines that you order on themed24App / Website, require a valid prescription.
We link / connect you to a partnered Doctor if you do not have a prescription or if the attached prescription is invalid. A valid prescription will have the following details in place - Date of Prescription
Patient/s name
Doctor's name
Doctor's degree
Duration / Dosage of medicines
Doctor's Signature / Stamp
Doctor's registration number
  2 I missed the Doctor's call, what should I do? Don't worry, we will call you back soon.
  3 I faced an issue with my consultation Sorry for the experience. Reach out to us and we'll resolve it as soon as possible.
4 Payments    
  1 I am facing payment related issue with my order We do not accept any payments at the time of order placement. Once the items have been packed and the bill is prepared, you will receive a notification in your app and an SMS with the payment link. Subsequently, you can also tap on the “Pay Now” button on the homepage or go to the order details page to make a payment.
If you are facing a payment confirmation problem with your order, please note that online payment confirmations are completely dependent on the issuing bank. However, if the payable amount has been deducted from your account but shows as transaction failed, the amount will reflect in your account/wallet within 7-10 business days.
  2 When will I get my refund? Once the refund has been initiated, the refund amount is expected to reflect as per the payment method:
MED24 Wallet - Refund will be credited in Med24 Wallet (Within 48 hours)
Cash on Delivery - Refund will be in MED24 Wallet (3-5 business days)
Online Payment via Credit / Debit Cards - Refund will be in source (3 - 5 business days)
Card at Delivery - Refund will be in MED24 Wallet (3-5 business days)
Net banking - Refund will be in Net Banking account (7 - 10 business days)
UPI - Refund will be in Net Banking account (5 - 7 business days)
PhonePe & other E-wallets - Refund will be in PhonePe & E-wallet (1 - 2 business days)
NEFT (Bank Refund) - Refund will be credited to your Bank Account (5 - 7 business days).                                                              Refunds timelines depend on Bank turnaround times and RBI guidelines. We will not process a refund for any additional units or other items / products returned.
  3 I did not receive cashback for my order Please read the T&C of the offer carefully for the eligibility of cashback. Cashback may depend on the following factors:
Date of purchase
Total order / transaction value
Mode of payment
First time order
Maximum cashback per transaction/card/user
  4 What are the payment modes at Med24Healthcare. We support the following payment options:
Credit Card
Debit Card
Net Banking
Digital Wallets (Mobikwik, Paytm, Ola Money, Airtel Payments Bank, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Freecharge, PhonePe)
UPI (PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm UPI, Amazon Pay UPI, BHIM)
Cash on Delivery (COD)
Card swipe at the time of delivery (Not Available for Courier Orders)
UPI QR at the time of delivery
You will be able to see the supported options in the Select Payment Option page when placing an order as well. 
5 Returns    
  1 How do I return my order? You can raise a request to return any items by simply through med24 application or by contacting customer care helpline.We will pick up the returnable items within 1 - 7 days from the date of request. Please keep the return package ready in its original packaging. You are also requested to keep a copy of the invoice/ bill from the partner licensed retail pharmacy handy for verification.
  2 I have placed a return request but no one has come for pick-up Our logistics team make three attempts to pick up the item for return. If the item is not picked up within the third attempt, it will be assumed that you want to keep the product
  3 I am unable to initiate a return request Each item purchased will have a returnable window which can vary anywhere between 0 to 30 days, post its delivery. The return window will be listed in the returns section of the order, once delivered.The items shall not be eligible for a return under the following circumstances:
If the item has been opened, partially used or disfigured. Please check the package carefully at the time of delivery.
If the item is a consumable item.
If the item’s / packaging/ box/ seal has been tampered with; Do not accept the delivery if the package appears to be tampered.
If it is mentioned on the product detail page that the item is non-returnable
If the return window for any or all items in an order has expired.
Any accessories supplied with the item are missing.
If the item does not have the original serial number / UPC number / barcode affixed, which was present at the time of delivery.
Any damage / defect which is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty.
If the item is damaged due to visible misuse.
Items related to baby care, food & nutrition, healthcare devices and sexual wellness such as but not limited to diapers, health drinks, health supplements, glucometers, glucometer strips/lancets, health monitors, condoms, pregnancy/fertility kits, etc.

6 Referrals    
  1 How does your referral program work? Invite your friend and family members by sharing your referral code. If a new user places their first order using your referral code, they will get an additional _____% OFF after the base discount has been applied. You will get an extra _____% OFF on your next order; once their order is delivered.
  2 Where should I check my referral code? You can find your referral code in the"REFER AND EARN "ab under the _______ section OF MED24 application/websites.
  3 How do I check my referral benefits? You can view your referral benefits and the associated details on the"REFER AND EARN "tab under the _______ section OF MED24 application/websites.
7 General Enquiries    
  1 Is Med24Healthcare a pharmacy? No, Med24 is an online healthcare and medicine delivery platform. We connect you to registered medicine vendor for the services you have opted for.
  2 Why did I not receive my OTP on SMS? Please check your network connection. It takes at least 1-2 minutes to receive an SMS. If you still haven’t received the same, please contact customer care helpline.
  3 How do I stop receiving promotional communications? Please reach out to us on Email with your request. We will unsubscribe you and confirm the action within 5 working days.
  4 How can I change the phone number linked to my account? Please connect with us over a chat or call us with your request. Our representatives will be happy to help you with the required information
  5 How can I change the email address linked to my account? If you want to change your email ID, you can go to the accounts section and click on "edit profile" and change the mentioned email ID and a verification email will be sent to your new email ID.
  6 Are there any shipping charges for Medicine & Healthcare Orders? Yes, delivery charges will be applied based on the value of items purchased and the delivery address. Please add the items that you require to the cart and input or select the appropriate delivery address to see what the delivery charges will be for your order.
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  7 Can I buy a substitute medicine on my prescription? Yes, you may buy other substitutes only if your prescription lists the salt names instead of a specific brand name.
  8 Which medicines are not deliverable through your platform? As per the guidelines of legal and regulatory authorities of Government of India and the company, we do not sell products with the 'not for sale' tag through our app & website.
  9 What is your standard delivery time? We generally deliver orders within 24hours depending on your address. Check for the estimated delivery date when you place the order.
10 Med24 Wallet    
  1 How do I check my med24 Wallet balance? To check your med24 healthcare wallet balance, go to the accounts section and click on the Wallet section to see the balance amount.
  2 How can I redeem my med24 money? If you have any money in your med24 wallet, it will be automatically deducted from your next order amount and you will only have to pay for the balance amount
  3 When will the med24wallet  money expire? Any med24 Cash deposited in your med24 wallet through returns will never expire. At times, our marketing team may deposit promotional cash which will have an expiry that is communicated to you via an SMS.
  4 Can I transfer money from my med24 Wallet to the bank account? No, you are unable to transfer money from your med24 Wallet to the bank account.
11 Promotions    
  1 How do I check for any ongoing offers? You can check the list on the home screen under the ‘Offers’ section. Also, we send customized offers to specific customers through email/SMS.
  2 How is the discount calculated? The discount percentage on every item will vary across categories and will be visible on an item level on the product page. All coupon based discounts will be calculated on the discounted M.R.P. value alone.
For Example:
M.R.P. of item/ product ordered - Rs. 100
med24 Savings @18% - Rs. 18
Discounted MRP - Rs. 82
Coupon code if applied (XXXXX) - @5% (Approx)
Coupon benefit - Rs. 4.1 (5% of Rs. 82)
Final payable value - Rs. 77.9